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John Wall returning to school this summer to complete degree

Washington Wizards superstar John Wall revealed this week that he intends to re-enroll at the University of Kentucky this coming summer to complete coursework so he can earn his bachelor’s degree in business.

Wall said the motivation to return to college to get his degree stems from a promise made to his father, who died when the NBA star was eight yeas old.

“I’m going back to school this summer to get my business degree,” Wall told The Washington Post. “That’s what I’m focusing on. I promised my dad that.”

Nothing last forever, obviously, not a basketball career most definitely. And surprisingly, we have seen professional athletes who earned millions upon millions of dollars during their careers end up flat broke. How that comes about may baffle many, but Wall is planning ahead so the same does not happen to him.

Further, in light of the caustic comments FOX News’ Laura Ingraham recently made about LeBron James when suggesting the NBA superstar should stick to sports and stop discussing politics, Wall believes professional athletes ought to prepare for the future while remaining socially and politically active.

“When our career is over, when we retire and the basketball stops bouncing, we still have the find something else to do,” Wall said. “Whether you want to be a general manager, a doctor, a businessman, whatever, you have to believe on everything you stand on. We’re more than athletes and the stuff that’s going on in our society and in this world, we have to speak on it. I think we have the right to say whatever we want.”

Wall is in the midst of an outstanding season, averaging 19.4 points, 9.3 assists and 3.6 rebounds per game, earning himself his fifth All-Star nod. However, the Wizards point guard has not appeared in a game since Jan. 25 and missed the All-Star Game last weekend due to a knee injury. Following surgery on Jan. 31, Wall was expected to miss the next six to eight weeks.