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Al Roker refers to Larry Fitzgerald as former player in Olympics selfie (pic)

NBC weatherman Al Roker can tell you which way the wind blows but clearly is not be the right guy to go to for your NFL news.

The “TODAY” meteorologist whipped the Internet into a humorous frenzy earlier this week by taking a selfie with the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver at the Winter Olympics and referring to him as a former NFL player.

Roker obviously was unaware at the time of the tweet that the Cardinals announced last week that the veteran wideout will in fact return for a 15th NFL season.

The reactions to Roker’s error of course inspired some amusing reactions by NFL fans.

Roker later issued a mea culpa via Twitter, saying he had been misinformed as to Fitzgerald’s career status.

Meteorologists routinely are given grief when their forecasts turn out to be inaccurate. Chalk up this Roker gaffe as a similar kind of situation.