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Teddy Bridgewater calls 2017 ‘my favorite season by far’

Teddy Bridgewater recently stated that 2017 was his “favorite season by far,” something that would seem counter-intuitive given the quarterback’s severe dearth of playing time.

Bridgewater’s lack of time on the field last season of course was due to his ongoing recovery from a traumatic knee injury suffered ahead of the 2016 NFL season. The injury was so severe that not only was Bridgewater’s career in jeopardy, reports suggested he could have lost his leg.

The 25-year-old signal-caller did see limited action last season after the Vikings activated him to the active roster, only making one inspirational appearance in mop-up duty while relieving Case Keenum in a blowout victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in December.

Still, the fact alone that Bridgewater, who declared himself completely healthy earlier this month, saw any action at all in the wake of his catastrophic injury clearly made a huge impact on the him.

“It was probably my favorite season by far, even though I didn’t play much,” Bridgewater told ESPN. “This season challenged my mindset because as bad as I wanted to be out there playing, being the competitor that I am, I wanted to go to war and go to battle with my guys, I had to be out there in a different aspect. I had to be there for the guys mentally.

“It gave me a different role, and I accepted it. It was one that was hard to accept because I’m a competitor, but I wouldn’t trade this year for nothing.”

Bridgewater has demonstrated his team-first mentality on social media on occasion as well.

Bridgewater, who will fit free agency in March, of course faces an uncertain future, as it’s unclear at the moment where he will end up playing. Whether it’s with the Vikings or if he’s headed elsewhere as he continues in a bid to resurrect his NFL career, one thing is certain: Bridgewater is simply grateful for the opportunity.