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Report: Josh McDaniels’ spurning of Colts ‘had nothing to do with his family’

When Josh McDaniels shocked the Indianapolis Colts by abruptly deciding not to be the team’s new head coach, speculation abounded as to what was behind his sudden change of heart.

Among the many theories, amid others, forwarded in the aftermath of the stunning development was that McDaniels opted to remain with the New England Patriots as offensive coordinator had to do with a preference to not uproot his family. One NFL insider, however, says that was not the case.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated’s MMQB joined “PFT Live” on Friday morning and reported what he has heard thus far on the McDaniels front.

“This had nothing to do with his family,” King said. “It was about the Patriots giving him a better option than Indianapolis.”

“… (McDaniels) has to have thought there were some things wrong in Indianapolis,” King added. “What it is, I don’t know. I’m waiting to hear it myself.”

Whatever the reason behind McDaniels reneging on his agreement with the Colts, some speculate his conduct — which prompted his agent to drop him as a client — may prevent him from landing another NFL head coaching job. That is, outside of the Patriots organization, although there has been no indication Bill Belichick is planning on retiring anytime soon.

It should be noted as well that the Colts seem perfectly pleased with how things played out in the end, having hired Frank Reich after McDaniels stayed with the Patriots.