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Tom Brady is the last player from 2000 NFL Draft still with original team

In something of a trivial oddity — not to mention a testament to said player’s longevity and unparalleled success — Tom Brady is now the last player from the 2000 NFL Draft still with the team that selected him.

How did this come about? By the Oakland Raiders informing Sebastian Janikowski earlier this week he won’t be back with the team for the 2018 NFL season.

An ESPN report provides some interesting nuggets that lend perspective to just how impressive it is that Brady is still in the league, and that does not even take into account he remains among the best players in the game. But add in the fact that Brady is still with the New England Patriots? Utterly remarkable.

Perhaps the most amazing thing of all regarding this interesting aside about Brady, though? Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who was the ninth-overall selection in the same draft, will be enshrined in Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

Obviously, the 40-year-old Brady will eventually be joining Urlacher in Canton. When that actually comes to fruition, however, remains to be seen. After all, Brady insists he’s got several good years left in him. And at this point, who’s going to argue with him on that notion?