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Mets skipper has odd term for when relievers warm up and don’t enter game

New York Mets manager Mickey Callaway has all the appearances of possessing the kind of eminently quotable persona the Big Apple media will adore. One needn’t look any further than how the new Mets manager refers to the situation when relievers get warmed up but never enter a ballgame.

Dry humping.

Take it away, skip.

“Dry humping guys is something I feel strongly about,” Callaway said Wednesday, via the New York Post. “That’s a lot of wear and tear that is endless and if I haven’t prepared the right way, that will happen. I have to make a decision with good timing so the game doesn’t speed up on us and we don’t have somebody ready.”

While not wearing out pitchers with warming up unnecessarily certainly is a sound philosophy, referring to it with a term loaded with sexual innuendo without question paints a …. provocative picture.