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Charles Barkley spins yarn about once playing drunk in NBA game (vid)

Charles Barkley admitted during an interview this week that aired on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that he once played in an NBA game “blasted.” In other words, Sir Charles was completely drunk. What’s more, Barkley claims to have no recollection of the game whatsoever.

Barkley regaled Kimmel and the viewing audience during Wednesday’s show that the intoxicating situation arose because he was informed he had been traded by the Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Lakers in the late 1980s.

“I was so excited, so me and my boys went out to celebrate and we started getting drunk in the middle of the day,” Barkley said. “My agent calls me back about three hours later and said ‘the Sixers pulled out of the deal,’ and we got a game that night.

“First off, I was so p—–, but I was so drunk too,” Barkley continued. “I can remember a lot of games I played, but that day we were so excited I was getting out of Philadelphia and I was blasted I’m not going to lie.”

Barkley insists that was the only instance when he played in an NBA game drunk. However, Barkley says he played hungover plenty of times.

The outspoken TNT analyst added it’s unlikely that NBA players take the court intoxicated in this day and age due to increased marijuana use. But Barkley? He’s not too much into weed, apparently.

“I’ve smoked pot five times in my life at the most and all they wanted to make me do was eat potato chips,” Barkley said.

Far out.