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Derek Jeter weighs in on whether Clemens, Bonds should be in Hall of Fame (vid)

Miami Marlins co-owner Derek Jeter was asked this week during am interview whether or not Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame, specifically due to their troubled association with PED accusations and suspected use.

Jeter, who will one day of course be enshrined in Cooperstown himself, was asked about the polarizing issue during an interview with Jeff Glor that aired Wednesday on “CBS This Morning.”

As transcribed by CBS Sports:

JEFF GLOR: So– (CLEARS THROAT) Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, those whose names have been associated with PEDs. Should they be in the Hall of Fame?

DEREK JETER: Well, I think that’s– that’s– it’s a tough question, right? It’s– it’s– you know, a question for if someone is accused, or someone has proven to do, right? // And– you know, some opinions change over time, some people are bullish on their opinions. It’s tough.

JEFF GLOR: You’re dancing around this.

DEREK JETER: Well, yeah, I am, you know why? Because, you know, I’ve played with players, you know, you– you play with guys that you built relationships with over time, and– and you get close to ’em, and you develop a bond, and people make mistakes. Not sayin’ you can condone those mistakes. People do make mistakes, but yeah, you’re right, I mean, it– it is a tough question. And– and– you know, I don’t make those decisions.

Jeter, among the most media-savvy individuals to ever play professional sports, clearly still knows how to sidestep a difficult question. In essence, Jeter — who of course was widely hailed throughout his career as a player who did things the “right way” — never really says one way or the other whether Bonds and/or Clemens deserve to be enshrined.

That said, even given the pitfalls associated with discussing the Cooperstown credentials of Bonds and Clemens — not to mention any other player from the so-called Steroid Era — the case can be made Jeter preferred this particular line of questioning over having to address the tumultuous start to his tenure with the Marlins organization.