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Le’Veon Bell says he’ll sign with Jets for $100 million (vid)

Le’Veon Bell made waves last week when joking on Twitter that he wouldn’t sign with the New York Jets for $60 million in cash, tweeting that amount of money “ain’t enough.” Bell later indicated by no means was he “dissin’ the Jets” in any manner.

All that aside, though, rest assured, Jets fans, as Bell has stated — seemingly in a joking manner — that $100 million would do the trick.

A TMZ camera crew caught up with Bell recently to ask for his reactions to the following tweet from New York Jets safety Jamal Adams, which itself was a reaction to Bell’s original social media dispatch.

Here’s what Bell had to say about his tweet, Adams’ tweet as well as his uncertain NFL future, via

“Baby, that’s the truth,” Bell said when asked about $60 million not being enough to sign with the Jets.

So how much would it take?

“A hundred Ms,” Bell said, meaning $100 million.

Later during the back and forth with TMZ, Bell reiterated the amount of money it would take to head to the Jets, his favorite team as a kid.

“For a hundred Ms,” Bell said. “Hey, listen to me: I play running back, but they’ve got to respect me like I am, man.”

Bell made it clear last week that he is growing weary of the time it is taking to hammer out a long-term deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, saying he’s “tired of having to deal with this every year.”

The Steelers have the option of applying the franchise tag on Bell, as the team did last season. Bell, despite previous threats indicating otherwise, recently hinted that he won’t hold out if the Steelers franchise him once again in 2018, although he did somewhat hedge his bets on that front at the same time.

So, if the Steelers don’t sign Bell to a long-term deal and decline to franchise him, will Bell head to the Jets? We shall see.