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Waste Management Phoenix Open streaker: ‘It was worth it’ despite arrest

The man who became an instant — if not infamous — celebrity after streaking last week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open says the experience — not to mention the ensuing arrest — “was worth it” due to the laughs his antics generated.

Adam Stalmach, 24, was booked last week on indecent exposure and disorderly conduct charges after he ran naked around the TPC Scottsdale’s 17th hole during a practice round on Wednesday ahead of the tournament.

“Me and my buddy were talking about somebody streaking throughout the day and we figured, if you want something done right, do it yourself,” Stalmach told “As long as somebody laughed and got a kick out of it, that’s why I did it.”

What made the incident so alarming is how Stalmach was able to run around the course for several minutes before being apprehended and led away by security.

SFW video made its rounds on social media, two of which follow, via The Golf Channel.

Stalmach spent five days in jail, only finally being released from custody Monday morning.

“It sucked. Jail is not fun. It’s not a good idea,” Stalmach said, who not surprisingly admitted to imbibing on adult beverages ahead of his streaking exploits. All told, between wine and beer, Stalmach says he had about eight drinks before shedding his clothing — save for his socks — to embark upon his golf-course streak.

Stalmach, presumably given time to reflect upon his antics while sitting in jail, admits now that he’s “embarrassed” and regretful over is streaking exploits.

“I definitely wouldn’t do it again,” Stalmach said. “I do want to apologize to anyone I did offend.”