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Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti calls NFL’s controversial catch rule ‘stupid’

Count Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti among the growing chorus of critics who have had enough of the controversial and unclear catch rule in the NFL.

The catch rule controversy once again reared its ugly head during Super Bowl LII, when two plays highlighted how no one truly knows what constitutes a catch in one instance and what makes what by all appearances is a reception an incomplete pass.

Bisciotti, in no uncertain terms during his recent State of the Ravens address, bemoaned how the NFL cannot get the catch rule right. And his critical comments came before the two plays in question occurred during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“The whole thing is stupid,” Bisciotti said, via the team’s official website, by way of Pro Football Talk.

Bisciotti without question has a formidable ally in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who said last week the league ought to “start over again and look at the rule fundamentally from the start.” Bisciotti echoed Goodell’s sentiments.

“Start over. It’s just ridiculous,” Bisciotti said. “Every time you’ve talked about referees, I’ve always defended them. It is such a hard job, they do such a good job, and yet we’re sitting there looking at five different HD camera angles, and then they’re changing some things, and I think it’s worse than it’s ever been. I think sometimes things have to get really, really bad before there is change. . . .

“I bet you that there is going to be a significant change in that. A football move? I mean, how you can catch the ball, get both feet down, turn towards the end zone and start diving for it, and they say it’s not a football move? No. It’s stupid.”

It goes without saying the catch rule has to be fixed. The rule — and the seemingly arbitrary interpretation of it — has become a flash point over and over again. It has gotten so bad the catch rule was mocked and ridiculed in the obituary of a recently deceased Dallas Cowboys fan.