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Panicked Eagles fan after dental surgery: ‘Did I miss the Super Bowl?!?’ (vid)

A die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan in a hazy daze following dental surgery panicked over the concern she somehow missed her favorite NFL team’s appearance in Super Bowl LII.

Thankfully for the Internet, the father of the young lady, Haley Parks, had the good sense to post video to Facebook of his daughter emerging from anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed.

Via the New York Post:

When her mom let her know the game was Sunday, Parks asked if she could go. She says the team is “like my sisters,” that they better win because she wants to go to a parade, and that she’s sad for injured Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

But she has faith in “St. Nick,” Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles.

To say the video has gone viral would be an understatement as it’s been viewed nearly two million times as of Friday morning. Parks admitted it’s been “crazy to see” the popularity of the video documenting her post-surgery loopiness.

But obviously the best part of it all is despite her panic, Parks of course did not miss the game. She will be able to watch her beloved Eagles attempt to upset the New England Patriots Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium for the team’s first Super Bowl title … less a few wisdom teeth, of course.