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Teddy Bridgewater says he’s healthy, ‘looking forward to the future’

Teddy Bridgewater on Thursday stressed he’s completely healthy and “looking forward to the future,” albeit an uncertain one.

Bridgewater from all appearances seems to be mostly rehabilitated following a catastrophic and potentially career-threatening knee injury suffered ahead of the 2016 season in a non-contact practice drill. While he managed to get into a game for the Minnesota Vikings late in the season in mop-up duty, he found himself deactivated in the postseason, with Sam Bradford backing up Case Keenum.

Bridgewater’s future with the Vikings is murky at best, as he, Bradford and Keenum are all impending free agents. It’s unclear at this time what approach the Vikings are going to take at the quarterback position. But Bridgewater insists he’s fully healthy and ready to resume his NFL career as a starting quarterback, although he’s reluctant to look too far ahead in 2018.

“No, I haven’t. Right now I’m just focused on becoming a better person and a better football player. … I’m looking forward to this offseason just training and taking my game to another level,” Bridgewater told the Star Tribune’s Michael Rand on Super Bowl Radio Row at the Mall of America. “I’m healthy. I don’t really like putting numbers on it. It’s all mental. I feel great. I think the doctors wouldn’t have cleared me if I didn’t feel great. It was great that I was able to overcome everything and I’m just looking forward to the future.”

Interestingly, Bridgewater’s comments came on the same day as Vikings general manager Rick Spielman discussing the quarteback’s status as well.

What Spielman is referring to is the possibility that Bridgewater’s contract could be tolled into 2018, meaning the quarterback under the team’s control under the terms of his current deal due to Article 20, section 2 of the NFL collective bargaining agreement. Things could get ugly if tolling Bridgewater’s contract comes to fruition, as explained here.

With all that in mind, things could get very interesting for the Vikings, not to mention Bridgewater, in the coming months.