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Robert Kraft cracks Tom Brady age joke about ‘best decision’ draft story

Robert Kraft has suggested, albeit jokingly, that Tom Brady’s age might be catching up with him. Not on the field, of course. Instead, it’s related to how the New England Patriots quarterback is recalling events from the past.

A classic story about the Patriots’ decision to select Brady with the 199th pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft has risen to mythological status. Kraft has on several occasions recalled how Brady, during a conversation following the draft, said, “I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.”

Brady, however, remembers things a bit differently. The 40-year-old signal-caller insisted on Tuesday: “What I believe I said was, ‘You’ll never regret picking me.’”

Kraft, when discussing the discrepancy in how the conversation is recollected by himself and Brady, joked that perhaps age is starting to negatively impact the quarterback’s memory.

“When you get to be as old as him maybe your memory is short,” Kraft said on Wednesday as the Patriots prepare for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, via The Boston Herald. “That’s one thing I’ll never forget, because I remember calling my son Jonathan and telling him.

“You can go back, I think at the ESPYs, to the first time he ever won, they asked me that story. It’s on record. I think he’s very modest and doesn’t realize he had that little competitive edge. But he said it.

“They claim I don’t remember certain things. That one I remember, and I remember the look in his eyes and exactly how he said it.”

Kraft not surprisingly has been a huge presence in Minnesota leading up to Sunday’s game. And the Patriots owner has been able to weigh in on several pressing issues, some controversial, involving the team.

And regarding the much ballyhooed “Best Decision” story? Let’s just allow Kraft and Brady to agree to disagree. Either way, it’s not as if either one would have wanted things to go any other way.