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Robert Kraft admits to tension within Patriots organization, but not dysfunction (vid)

Robert Kraft admitted on Wednesday that there has been some tension within the New England Patriots organization but dismissed any semblance of dysfunction.

Speculation concerning a perceived rift within the Patriots power structure were brought to light courtesy of allegations forwarded in a bombshell ESPN report published earlier this month.

The involved parties — Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady — have consistently denied the claims made in the report. The allegations nevertheless have remained a prevailing story line during the Patriots’ push to the Super Bowl.

Kraft, along with his son, Patriots team president Jonathan Kraft, sat down with Andrea Kremer ahead of Super Bowl LII. Kraft once again dismissed the rumors of any kind of power struggle or internal strife.

“You have tension. I think a certain amount of tension helps make great things happen,” Kraft said, via CBS Boston.

“Dysfunction is when people take energy and use it to think about how to undermine other people. That does not happen,” Jonathan Kraft added. “If it happens in this organization, I haven’t seen it.”

Kraft also appeared to speak tangentially Monday night upon the fallout from the ESPN report. Kraft spoke glowingly of the longtime “marriage” enjoyed by himself, Brady and Belichick.

Regarding the future of the Patriots dynasty, Kraft, when asked about it by Kremer, said he “absolutely” expects both Belichick and Brady to be back next season, although he did seem to hedge his bets just a bit.

“I appreciate you asking that question, and I’m not going to respond. You’ll just have to see for yourself,” Kraft said.

It’s hardly surprising three highly competitive personalities the likes of Kraft, Belichick and Brady would butt heads from time to time. While there has been evidence provided documenting some inconsistencies in the ESPN report, to expect even an organization as successful as the Patriots to have no turmoil is unrealistic.