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Minneapolis mayor trolls Eagles fans in Super Bowl LII welcome video

Minneapolis’ newly elected mayor Jacob Frey recently made a video to greet visitors descending upon the Twin Cities for Super Bowl LII. But Frey had a trick up his sleeve, as he saves a parting shot for Philadelphia Eagles fans to close out the friendly message.

Eagles fans are not looked upon all that fondly by residents of Minnesota at the moment. The much-maligned fan base suffered another blow to its unsavory reputation over allegations of boorish behavior before, during and after the team’s victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

And then there were two instances in recent weeks where an Eagles fan was arrested after allegedly punching a police horse. So there’s that as well.

Frey’s taunting of Eagles fans makes mention of how Philadelphia police greased light-poles in town with Crisco to deter them from climbing up them after the NFC title game.

“A big welcome to the New England Patriot and Philadelphia Eagles’ fans,” Frey says in the video. “For Eagles fans, don’t worry: We’re going to be greasing all the lamp posts so you feel right at home.”

Frey does close out the video with more expected “Minnesota Nice” message: “Come on out, have a great time and make sure you come back and visit us again.”

While that would have been well enough, there was one last part of the message. After what seems to be the video’s closing, Frey is heard saying, “Are we seriously welcoming those [bleeping] Eagles fans?”

Well played, Mr. Mayor. Although it is arguably unfair to paint all Eagles fans with such a broad brush, despite the questionable way some of them conducted themselves after whipping the Vikings.

In defending the majority of Eagles fans, team owner Jeffrey Lurie recently argued that “99.9 percent of the fan base is incredibly conscious of the fans around them.”

That may be true, but it doesn’t make Frey’s troll-job any less amusing. Perhaps except to Eagles fans.