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Mavs fan meets Dirk Nowitzki, J.J. Barea after post-dental surgery viral video

A Dallas Mavericks fan had her dreams come true when she got the chance to meet Dirk Nowitzki and J.J. Barea after a video of her ranting about the team following having her wisdom teeth pulled went viral.

The video documenting Dianne Garcia’s emotional post-procedure commentary was posted to the Mavericks’ Twitter account last week.

A portion of Garcia’s comments, via the Mavs’ official site:

“Everybody should strive to be like him. Every girl needs to find a guy like Dirk – willing to go through all the [expletive] the Mavericks went through. He’s with us for 20 years. I hope he plays one more year so I can get my jersey signed. I tried for years. He has not listened to me. It’s OK. One day he’s going to listen to me. He’s going to sign my shirt and I’m going to cry. . .”

Garcia also defended Barea over his recent dust-up with John Wall in the video.

Garcia was invited to the Mavericks’ game Monday against the Denver Nuggets and she got the chance to meet Nowitzki and Barea.

Garcia received three autographed jerseys from Nowitzki, along with other team-related swag, and posed for some pics with her hero.

“It was good to meet her and it’s great to have loyal fans that love the Mavs and bleed Mavs blue,” Nowitzki said. “The support means a lot and I’m happy that she came.”

“She was a little speechless before the game – she couldn’t really say much. But I just told her that’s a great video and I thanked her for being a fan.”