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Fletcher Cox dons Eagles-themed luchador mask for SB presser (pics)

Fletcher Cox attempted to keep things loose and a little wacky during his press conference Thursday ahead of Super Bowl LII. How? By donning a Philadelphia Eagles-themed luchador mask, of course.

Cox debuted his unusual head wear during the second day of player media availability at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn.

It turns out Cox received the fantastic wrestling mask from a Mexican journalist.

It warrants mentioning that Cox believes the mask gives him super powers, for some reason.

“As long as I don’t start sweating, I’m going to keep it on.” Cox said of the mask, via

Cox insisted such antics can have tremendous benefits given how stressful the buildup to the Super Bowl can be for players.

“I think if you come in here all uptight, you come in here and it’s just really not good. We talked to guys that have been around and been to Super Bowls before. They said that you can’t go into this whole thing uptight. You still have to have fun.

“I just want to be professional about it at the same time. We have practice later today, and that’s really important.”

Cox presumably will return to wearing an Eagles helmet, not an Eagles luchador mask, before taking the field to practice. But that does not mean it wasn’t an amusing endeavor that surely elicited chuckles from his teammates.