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Mind-blowing Super Bowl stat illustrates Bill Belichick’s unparalleled success

Bill Belichick will lead his New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII on Sunday in a showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles. It goes without saying Belichick’s unparalleled level of success throughout his coaching career is unquestionable.

However, a statistic compiled by NFL Research illustrates to a mind-blowing degree the utter and complete manner in which Belichick has exerted his dominance over the NFL throughout his Hall of Fame coaching career.

Allow the sheer ridiculousness of those statistics soak in for a second. Belichick has been involved in over 20 percent of every Super Bowl ever played. And since he appeared in the Super Bowl as the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants under his mentor, Bill Parcells, Belichick has taken part in almost 35 percent of Super Bowls since then.

That is flat-out absurd. Just don’t expect Belichick to gloat about it on social media, though. Or anything else for that matter.

All that aside, the last thing Belichick is worried about is his legacy at this stage. In fact, Belichick declined to speculate on his coaching career beyond Sunday’s game during a Tuesday press conference. Suffice to say, Belichick is not only laser-focused on Sunday, the assumption has to be his players are locked-in as well, despite the litany of distractions Super Bowl Week entails.

That kind of commitment to preparation, obviously, is how one takes part in 21.2 percent of every Super Bowl in NFL history.