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Bill Belichick drops ‘Snapface’ reference when asked about Tom Brady doc (vid)

Bill Belichick’s utter disdain for the world of social media — or at least complete indifference to it — has been well-established over the years. The New England Patriots head coach makes it abundantly clear he has no time for Facebook, Twitter and the like by erroneously referring to social media platforms by comically incorrect names, seemingly in deliberate fashion.

Well, Belichick broke out his patented bit during Super Bowl Opening Night when asked about Tom Brady’s much ballyhooed documentary series, “Tom vs. Time.”

The documentary is being presently rolled out on Facebook on an episode-by-episode basis. Belichick was asked about “Tom Vs. Time” and elected to go with one of his standby, intentional misnomers, “Snapface.”

Well played, Coach. Snapface is perhaps the best among Instaface, Myface and Instachat in Belichick’s lexicon of hilarious social media “names.”

Belichick did answer an inquiry about Brady’s documentary series in a more serious fashion when asked on another occasion Monday night. The Patriots coach revealed he heard about “Tom vs. Time” when pretty much everyone else did.

There was some speculation that the timing of the release of “Tom vs. Time” could serve as a distraction for the Patriots leading up to Super Bowl LII. This was believed to be all the more true due to a controversial individual being prominently spotlighted in the first episode.

However, given all the allegations of strife in recent months involving the Patriots’ power structure, Brady’s documentary likely hasn’t even registered as a blip on the radar.

Even better? It allowed Belichick to bust out a Snapface reference.