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Lights go out during Pat Shurmur’s introductory press conference (vid)

The New York Giants on Friday officially introduced Pat Shurmur as the team’s new head coach. The press conference overall has to deemed a resounding success.

Shurmur appeared confident and at-ease as he laid down the law and articulated his vision for how to turn around the Giants after a nightmarish 3-13 campaign last season. Unfortunately, there was one brief hiccup, and an awkward one at that.

As Shurmur was making his opening remarks, the lights in the room inexplicably went out.

Shurmur deserves some credit as it appears he continued talking despite being in total darkness. That kind of unflappability has to be looked upon favorably by both Giants brass and the team’s fans. Let’s just say Shurmur’s calm and cool demeanor stands in stark contrast to how former head coach Ben McAdoo conducted himself at times.

Speaking of McAdoo, it didn’t take long for the New York dailies to take notice of how much more dapper Shurmur appeared at his introductory presser when compared to the previous coach. McAdoo of course was mocked and ridiculed for his David Byrne-esque, oversized suit.

Good start, Coach Shurmur.