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LeBron James says he and Steph Curry cannot be All-Star captains next season

LeBron James and Stephen Curry, as All-Star captains after being the leading vote getters in their respective conferences, drafted their teams on Thursday night, part of a new wrinkle the NBA instituted for this year’s midseason showcase.

It turns out, interestingly, that even if James and Curry once again led All-Star voting next season, the two superstars could not serve as captains.

There is a very good chance that James and Curry could be the leading vote-getters next season in the Eastern and Western Conferences, respectively. The only caveat would be if James leaves Cleveland and signs with a Western Conference squad. Now that would be something.

It’s a questionable decision at best for the NBA to institute this policy. That said, next year is next year and there’s little sense to worry about hypotheticals at this stage.

Here’s how the squads line up following the draft, for what it’s worth.

As far as this year’s draft is concerned, it made for an interesting side-story, although both Curry and James made one suggestion regarding the format.

Now that would introduce an interesting wrinkle. It’s a shame James and Curry won’t be able to enjoy it should such a change come to fruition.