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Jerry Jones seems clueless on who will start at QB for Eagles in Super Bowl (vid)

Jerry Jones is of course the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. As such, one should reasonably assume Jones would have some idea what’s going on in the NFL at the moment. You know, the Super Bowl.

Not only that, given the Philadelphia Eagles — a divisional rival of the Cowboys — are slated to overcome underdog status and slay the dynastic New England Patriots, one could also assume Jones should know who is playing quarterback in Super Bowl LII for Philadelphia. And that’s even taking into account Carson Wentz’s season-ending injury.

That would not be the case, embarrassingly.

Watch how Jones stumbles when attempting to identify Nick Foles.

That’s a heaping helping of awkward right there. And this guy presides over the most powerful organizations in the NFL, not to mention wields considerable power in the league.

Maybe he’s still preoccupied with how Roger Goodell got that contract extension without his blessing. Or Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension. Or maybe he really doesn’t know that Nick Foles will be the starting quarterback for the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. It sure as heck isn’t some guy named Kolb.

What a world.