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Controversial trainer Alex Guerrero spotlighted in Tom Brady doc (vid)

Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s controversial personal trainer, “body coach,” business partner and confidante — and purportedly the source of significant strife within the New England Patriots organization — takes center stage in the first episode of the quarterback’s documentary, “Tom Vs. Time.”

The episode, which debuted Thursday on Facebook Watch and titled, “Chapter 1: The Physical Game,” highlights how Brady firmly believes Guerrero’s methods have had a substantial impact upon his career, even prolonging it.

In one scene, Guerrero works on Brady in an intense deep-tissue massage sessions.

“Prior to the season starting, we really try to get his brain to understand that there’s going to be impact,” Guerrero says in the episode, via, “and then prepare his body for the impact, to almost feel as if it’s normal behavior for him.”

“There’s no way I’d be here today without that,” Brady adds. “I mean he’s just been so influential in how I take care of my body — the process, the routine that we go through on a weekly basis in order to prepare myself to play, without pain, with a lot of joy, and I can go to practice feeling great.”

Guerrero, who along with Brady founded the veteran quarterback’s TB12 fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle brand, found his name ensnared in some significant drama earlier this season.

A December report alleged Guerrero’s influence upon Brady — and to a lesser extent, other Patriots players —  is “absolutely” causing friction between Brady and Bill Belichick. Not only that, the report suggests things could reach “critical mass” this coming offseason.

There has long been talk about Guerrero being an issue for the Patriots. Belichick previously attempted to disqualify the rumors of the supposed rift having caused a strain with Brady as “fake news.”

It’s unlikely Guerrero’s prominent role in Brady’s documentary — at least in the first episode — will cause any additional friction or drama as the Patriots prepare for Super Bowl LII. Given all the allegations of strife in the last few months involving the Patriots’ power structure, Guerrero’s appearance in the doc won’t even register as a blip on the radar.