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Fletcher Cox tweeted about Super Bowls despite claims of never watching one

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox made a bold proclamation this week when claiming he has never watched a Super Bowl. Evidence has surfaced, however, that refutes that claim. And said evidence was unearthed, as often is the case, on social media.

Fletcher, during an interview Wednesday, insists that not only does he never watch football, he never watches sports, period (via the Philly Voice, by way of Deadspin):

“Nah, man. You know, I don’t really watch football,” he said. “Ya’ll know that.”

“Not even the Super Bowl?” the reporter responded?

“Nah,” Cox said with a laugh. “I don’t watch sports. You know that.”

Now, you could sense the growing disbelief among the crowd.

“Not any of them?” someone jumped in.

“No. I don’t watch sports,” he said, with a tone suggesting his previous laugh wasn’t as friendly as it originally seemed. “I tell you that all the time.”

Fair enough. It’s wouldn’t necessarily come as a complete shock that a professional athlete would eschew obsessively following sports as it is their vocation. But Cox appears to have been stretching the truth at least somewhat in his anti-sports-watching screed.

Freezing Cold Takes posted evidence on its Twitter account of Cox reacting on Twitter to the events of Super Bowls occurring in 2012 and 2015, despite claims he hadn’t been watching.