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Eagles fan upset over police horse assaults launches charity fundraiser

There have been several reports documenting outrageous behavior perpetrated by a minority of Philadelphia Eagles fans before, during and after recent playoff games.

Most of the stories regarding Eagles fans’ conduct related to the mistreatment of Minnesota Vikings fans who attended the NFC Championship Game at Lincoln Financial Field. But two other incidents rose to such a level that a segment of Eagles fans were left so disgusted that a charitable fundraiser was launched.

The reprehensible behavior? In consecutive weekends that coincided with the Eagles hosting a playoff game, two fans were arrested in part for punching a police horse.

In the first incident, Taylor Hendricks, 22, was accused of punching a police horse after being ejected from the Eagles-Falcons divisional round game for being intoxicated and not having a ticket. Hendricks was charged with aggravated assault, taunting a police animal, simple assault and defiant trespassing.

And last Sunday, Andrew Tornetta, 19, was arrested in a similar incident as well. Tornetta is accused of punching a police horse and hitting the rider just below the eye before the NFC Championship Game. Tornetta was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

In light of these events, an Eagles fan started a charitable fundraiser on behalf of Philadelphia’s police horses.

Launched on the YouCaring website, the fundraising drive, called, “Eagles Nation! Support Philadelphia’s Police Horses,” seeks to raise $5,000 for local police horses.

Part of the pitch reads as follows:

Eagles fans! Like the rest of you, I was disgusted to see that two individuals allegedly attacked two members of the Philadelphia Mounted Police Unit during the last two Eagles home games at Lincoln Financial Field. These young men are no reflection of our passionate fan base.

I know that Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are some of the most giving and compassionate communities in the country, so let’s band together and show support for our mounted police officers. Philly fans appreciate law enforcement, whether on two legs or four!

Interestingly, Eagles fans already this week felt compelled to make amends for their fellow fans’ unseemly behavior. And now this.