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Eagles fans sending ‘flood of donations’ to Mike Zimmer Foundation

Reports out of Philadelphia indicate Minnesota Vikings fans were harassed and felt threatened by Eagles fans before, during and after Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

Evidence of such behavior has been making the rounds on social media.

It appears that a contingent of Eagles fans — embarrassed by how a segment of their fellow fans conducted themselves Sunday — are doing their part to make amends.

A charity headed by Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer tweeted Tuesday that Eagles fans are behind a “flood of donations” coming in to the Mike Zimmer Foundation.

Twin Cities media outlet KARE-11 reached out to Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney about the allegations of inappropriate fan conduct. Suffice to say, Kenney was not impressed, referring to fans who engaged in untoward behavior as “clowns.”

“I find the actions of those fans disgusting and regrettable. We’re certain they represent a small portion of the team’s loyal and passionate fan base, but the simple fact is that no visiting fan should have to put up with such treatment,” Kenney wrote in statement to KARE. “I don’t think these knuckleheads are necessarily even from the city – some of the few who were arrested were from the outlying suburbs. But I realize that is no consolation to those who were treated poorly. I want them to know that I don’t like what happened. These clowns need to learn how to act like adults.”

Vikings quarterback Case Keenum indicated his family, who were in the stands for the 38-7 loss, were among those Minnesota supporters subjected to mistreatment. Interestingly enough, the Mike Zimmer Foundation retweeted this dispatch from KFAN radio’s Justin Gaard.

It’s of course not all that uncommon for hometown fans to give visitors rooting for an opponent a hard time. Although it would seem Eagles fans took it to another level on Sunday. It’s encouraging, though, that some Eagles fans are doing their best to make something good out of it by donating to Zimmer’s foundation.

It’s also worth noting that fans donating to a rival’s charity seems to have caught on this NFL postseason, which is a fantastic trend.