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Tyronn Lue says it’s ‘crazy’ to scapegoat Kevin Love for Thunder loss

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue is presiding over a nightmarish situation, both on and off the court. The Cavaliers, in the midst of losing nine of their past 12 games, upped the behind-the-scenes drama significantly by allegedly going after Kevin Love during a heated team meeting.

The confrontation reportedly was spawned by Love leaving Saturday’s 148-124 blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder due to illness. Love would go on to miss Sunday’s practice as well.

The reports out of Cleveland are that Love was experiencing migraine issues that lingered into Sunday. Either way, Lue criticized the team for essentially making Love a scapegoat.

“I mean, that’s crazy,” Lue said, via “If Kevin was out there we might have given up 170. Who knows, man. We’ve got to be better, got to just stay together. We’re being tested right now. This is when your true character comes out and the character of who you are as a person and as a player. We’ve got to step up and play basketball.”

Love on Tuesday also weighed in the chatter surrounding the team meeting. The Cavs veteran seemed most bothered by the nature of the meeting not being kept in-house.

“Even if it’s directed at me or at anybody else, you just hope that it helps and that we can get better from it,” Love said. “I think communication, it’s funny talking about communication and the lack thereof. Maybe yesterday was a really good thing for us, you never know. Moving forward we hope that we can put it behind us and continue to get better. We have a lot of talent here.

“We feel like we’re too good to be on the kind of streak we’re on now. Hopefully we can right this ship, if not tonight, we hope it is tonight, but going back home to Cleveland.”

Asked if he felt like a target, Love said, “I think you guys can answer that.

James has declined to comment in any manner on the meeting.