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Jay Feely claims Gisele tried to get him to convince Tom Brady to retire

Former NFL placekicker Jay Feely recently revealed that Gisele Bündchen once attempted to get him to convince husband Tom Brady to retire from the game.

Brady and Feely are longtime friends going back to their Michigan Wolverines days. According to Feely, Bundchen made her plea when he vacationed with the Brady clan last year.

Via Sports Illustrated:

This being Brady, Feely prefers not to disclose the locale, but he does share that Brady’s wife, the supermodel Gisele Bündchen, spent time on that trip “trying to get me to convince [Tom] to stop playing.” And, Feely adds, “she was dead serious.”

Feely says he looked at his friend and told him, “Play as long as you can.” Brady smiled back and winked.

Given the dangers associated with playing football, physical, mental and otherwise, it’s hardly surprising that Bündchen would prefer it if the 40-year-old Brady hung up his cleats for good. Further,  it merits noting Bündchen stunned the NFL world last offseason by claiming Brady has suffered multiple concussions during his career.

“I don’t really think it’s a healthy thing for a body to go through that kind of aggression all the time,” Bündchen told CBS News last May. “That could not be healthy for you.”

In an upcoming Brady documentary, “Tom vs. Time,” set to air on Facebook, Bündchen claims football is her husband’s “main love.” In another scene, Bündchen when she and Brady first met in 2006, he told her he only planned to play football for another 10 years. The two would marry in 2009.

Now over a decade later, Brady is still playing at an MVP-caliber level, having led the New England Patriots to yet another Super Bowl appearance, and has given no indication he intends to retire anytime soon, much to Bündchen’s presumed chagrin.