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Lane Johnson has now raised over $100K for Philly schools with underdog shirts

Lane Johnson has turned the Philadelphia Eagles’ being arguably miscast as underdogs into a fantastic means to drum up funds for Philly schools. Sales of a shirt created Eagles offensive tackle in reference to said underdog status has now raised over $100,000 in funds for the School District of Philadelphia, per a report.

Johnson and teammate Chris Long spawned a craze by donning creepy dog masks following the Eagles’ 15-10 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round last weekend.

The shirts feature Johnson and Long in their masks with the message, “Home Dogs Gonna Eat.”

Johnson noted on Twitter earlier this week that sales of the “Home Dogs” shirts have been fast and furious.

Johnson has now revealed over $100,000 has been raised for Philly schools.

“I’ve been doing playground builds here every year,” Johnson added. “I see what these kids have and it’s not a whole lot. You got teachers that are supposed to be leading the new generation of girls and guys. And they need all of the resources they can get. Where I came from and looking what these kids have, they need all the help they can get.”

Johnson’s commitment to Philadelphia schools not surprisingly is warmly welcomed by those benefiting from it.

“The generous support of our schools provided by Mr. Johnson through his LJ65 line, in addition to his work ethic both on and off the field, goes a long way in helping our students across the city to succeed,” district spokesperson Megan Lello told in an email. “We look forward to continuing to root for the Eagles and working together to make sure our students have access to exciting educational opportunities.”

The frenzy surrounding the “Underdogs” movement not only has inspired some serious money being raised, it also motivated the Eagles organization to push for Eagles fans to wear the aforementioned unsettling dog masks to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Unfortunately, one major outlet quickly sold out of them. Johnson on Thursday said he’s doing his part on that front as well, a move that will also raise money.