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Jeff Fisher enjoying success of former QBs Case Keenum, Nick Foles

Jeff Fisher couldn’t get it done with the Rams with either Case Keenum and Nick Foles as quarterback. But that doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying watching the two play their way onto the grand stage of Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.

Fisher of course was fired by the Rams in December 2016. With Keenum leading the Minnesota Vikings and Foles under center for the Philadelphia Eagles with a chance at a Super Bowl berth on the line, Fisher is proud of his former quarterbacks.

“Couldn’t be happier for both of them,” Fisher said during a phone interview with The Los Angeles Times.

Fisher praised both quarterbacks as hard workers and “fit” the personality coaches look for in their field generals. Although Fisher did point out there are substantial differences between Keenum and Foles, they both share some sought-after similarities.

“That’s the one thing about both of them: you can’t rattle either one of them,” Fisher said. “They understand that mistakes are going to get made. They both understand the position is very, very hard to play.

“But they have short memories and I think that’s a great quality for a quarterback.”

The fact that both Keenum and Foles have performed well in their opportunities following little success under Fisher’s guidance has left some wondering if Fisher played a role in their shortcomings. But Fisher blows off such criticism, instead choosing to simply enjoy watching two players he knows so well play in some huge games.

Rumors surfaces recently that Fisher hopes to get back in the coaching game. When asked whether any teams have reached out to him, he said, “There’s been some interest, and I’ve had some conversations.”

All that aside, Fisher cannot wait to watch Sunday’s game and see if it’s Keenum or Foles who will lead their respective teams to Super Bowl LII.

“I’m really looking forward to watching this game,” Fisher said, “the challenge that both of them face.”