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New Phillies manager Gabe Kapler guarantees a ‘s—load’ of wins in 2018 (vid)

Philadelphia Phillies manager Gabe Kapler didn’t back down a bit when asked recently what to expect out of the team in 2018. In fact, Kapler took it to another level when he guaranteed the Phillies would amass a “s—load” of wins next season.

The boisterous proclamation loaded with Kapler’s patented bravado was captured by Sports Talk Philly columnist Tim Kelly.

As noted by Busted Coverage, Kapler prefaced his bold guarantee by peppering his comments with sports cliches like “playing with intensity”, “playing for the man next to you” and “being prepared.” But he laid it all on the line with his closing claim.

The Phillies are coming off six consecutive seasons of losing more than 80 games, the last three in which the team bottomed out with 90-plus losses. Perhaps Kapler will prove to be an inspirational catalyst, sparking the Phillies to a remarkable turnaround  with his infectious attitude, charisma and confidence.

Then again, perhaps not. Since “s—load” is a difficult number to quantify when it comes to victories, the case can be made it will be difficult to call out Kapler for being wrong.