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Joel Embiid lands office job on sports mockumentary ‘The 5th Quarter’ (vid)

Joel Embiid without question is one of the most charismatic personalities in the NBA and one of the league’s biggest rising young stars. Embiid, primarily highlighted by his fantastic presence on social media, is one funny dude as well.

The Philadelphia 76ers superstar got to opportunity to showcase his comedic chops in an appearance on the Season 3 premiere of go90’s sports mockumentary, “The 5th Quarter.” The show touts itself as “the greatest untold and untrue stories in sports history.”

The description of the episode, via go90:

THE PROCESSOR follows sports superstar Joel Embiid, who decides to leave Kansas and go back to school. He finds an internship working in an office and juggles a multitude of responsibilities including picking up the phone and making copies. Joel must learn the ropes and deal with his overbearing boss to get what’s most important – his college credits. But when his boss turns out to be nothing more than a scam artist running a shell company, Joel takes matters into his own, gigantic hands.

“When I left Kansas, I always planned on going back and getting my degree,” Embiid says at the beginning of the episode, via Dime Mag. “I figured why not start now?”

To satisfy one requirement, he takes a summer internship working in an office at a shady company where he’s dubbed “The Processor.”

Here’s a quick look-see:

Michael D. Rantner, who created and directs “The 5th Quarter” was impressed by Embiid from the get-go.

“Embiid is without a doubt the best follow on social media and I always knew he would thrive in a comedy roll,” Ratner told “It was actually amazing. He was able to be really funny without saying much, which is hard to do right. In fact, a lot of his suggestions or improvs ultimately made it to the final cut. He was fantastic.”

The episode also features “Chapelle Show” alum Donnell Rawlings as the company’s boss. NBA legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving and ESPN personality Kenny Mayne also make cameos.