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Kyrie Irving on touting Flat-Earth theory: ‘I’m not a scientist’ (vid)

Being half a world away hasn’t stopped Kyrie Irving from being asked about his frequently espoused theory that said world is not relatively spherical in shape but is instead flat.

Irving has made it known he’s in the camp of conspiracy theorists on the periphery of scientific skeptics who tout the Flat-Earth theory. The Boston Celtics superstar, who is in London along with his teammates for Thursday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, was asked about his beliefs.

“For me, it’s not about whether the world is flat, or whether the world is round,” Irving told “The Starters” on NBA TV. “It’s really about just everyone believing what they want to believe and feeling comfortable with it.

“I’m not a scientist. I’m not here to tell everyone that this is it. For me, it’s just giving everyone a chance to do their own research and find their own knowledge rather than having knowledge shoved to you. That’s me.”

Irving has hinted in the past to not truly embracing the Flat-Earth theory. However, Irving as recently as November postulated that “not one real picture of Earth” exists.

Not only that, an event in Boston last week promoting the Kyrie 4 from Nike featured a display/prop celebrating Irving’s pet theory which “explains” in part how the entire legitimate scientific community has been bamboozled into believing the Earth is round.

But then again, Irving after all said it himself. He’s not a scientist. And there you have it.