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Bill Belichick moving on from ESPN report: ‘All in on Tennessee’

Bill Belichick has been uncharacteristically open — especially for him — in recent days regarding the bombshell ESPN report published last week alleging power struggles and strife within the New England Patriots organization. But the curmudgeonly head coach will now revert to his customary practice of only answering specific questions deemed worthy and relevant by him personally.

“I dealt with some non-Tennessee subjects over the last couple of days,” Belichick said at the onset of his Tuesday press conference. “At this point, I’m all in on Tennessee. I’ll answer any questions about the Titans, but that’s it.”

Belichick’s statement of course evokes memories of one of his most Belichickian quips when he repeatedly said “On to Cincinnati” during a now-celebrated 2014 press conference.

The Tennessee Titans earned a trip to Gillette Stadium for a divisional round match-up against the Patriots on Saturday night by stunning the Kansas City Chiefs courtesy of a 22-21 comeback victory last weekend in the AFC Wild Card round. Belichick is anticipating a formidable challenge.

“It’s a one-game season,” Belichick said. “This is what you what you work for, to get to this position that we’re in. You put everything you have into this one-game season. We have one game left against the Titans. We have to play better than they do to be able to continue playing. So that’s a huge challenge.

“Obviously, every team that’s playing — there are eight teams left — all eight of them are good teams. Every team’s good at this time of year. There’s a reason why they’re here. They’ve earned their way here. There’s no other reason why you’re playing this weekend unless you’ve earned it. We’ve earned it, the Titans have earned it, and I’m sure it’ll be a very competitive game. They’ve got a great football team. I can see why they’re here.”

The bombshell ESPN report not surprisingly has become one of the biggest stories in the NFL despite it being the postseason. Belichick, Tom Brady and Robert Kraft have been vocal disputing the allegations in the report. But it sounds like Belichick at least is done talking about it.