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Mike Trout’s wife trolls him on Twitter over ‘bomb cyclone’ storm obsession

Mike Trout, a self-described “weather geek” who has not hidden his arguably nerdy fascination with meteorology in the past, is now on the outs with his wife, albeit in a joking manner. Why? Because of his apparently annoying infatuation with a storm currently wreaking havoc upon the northeastern United States.

Let’s just say it certainly sounds as if Trout’s wife is running out of patience over his obsession with the devastating “bomb cyclone” storm.

It all started with a tweet from MLB Network Radio on Sirius FM about how even a renowned meteorologist like Jim Cantore — a hero of Trout’s, mind you — was left impressed with the Los Angeles Angels superstar’s knowledge of weather.

To which Trout’s wife replied:

Trout responded to his wife’s “barb” with the following humorous tweet, which featured a gif of Cantore himself:

Great stuff. Talk about Trout playing it like a true weatherman. Or something.