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Warriors not obsessing over Rockets’ obsession with them

The Houston Rockets have admitted to an obsession over unseating the Golden State Warriors as the NBA’s top squad. The Warriors, however, don’t view the Rockets with the same level of single-minded preoccupation.

The Warriors (30-8) hold a 2.5-game lead over the Rockets (27-9) in the Western Conference. And Houston, led by the dangerous duo of Chris Paul and James Harden, is widely considered the most likely team capable of challenging Golden State for conference supremacy.

Rockets general Daryl Morey stated in December the team is “basically obsessed” with figuring out how to the beat the Warriors, saying, “”It’s the only thing we think about.” How do the Warriors feels about it?

“It’s no disrespect,” Kevin Durant told ESPN. “but we’re not coming in every day saying we’re just thinking about Houston. We know how great they are. We know it’s a team that’s going to be contending for a title along with us and couple other teams. But we’re focusing on ourselves right now.”

Draymond Green echoed Durant’s assertion, saying, “Every team’s a threat. You can lose to anybody.”

Durant also mentioned the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder and the upstart Minnesota Timberwolves as potential threats, adding Eastern Conference standouts Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers as teams that could thwart the Warriors’ championship aspirations as well.

That does not mean that the Warriors don’t respect the Rockets, though.

“My viewpoint as far as them making moves for us, I respect that,” Green said. “The goal is to win a championship, and if you’re not trying to win a championship, then what are you doing it for?”

Durant concurred, pointing out the Rockets are “supposed to think” in such a way about toppling the Warriors.

“They have a nice formula over there,” Durant said of the Rockets. “We know they want to beat us, but that only makes us better and it only makes the competition even better when you’re out there on the court. It’s just fun. It’s fun for the fans, it’s fun for the players, it’s fun for the game in general. We’ll see what happens.”