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Astros receive invitation to White House to celebrate World Series title

Houston Astros president Reid Ryan has confirmed the team has received an invitation to visit the White House to celebrate last fall’s World Series title.

The White House has reached out to the Astros and invited the team to come to Washington, D.C.,” Ryan told FOX 26 Houston. “We’re currently looking at options for dates and are focusing on something during spring training right now.”

The notion of accepting a White House invite has become more controversial since President Donald Trump took office, which ushered in an even more perceptible, polarized political climate.

Trump himself has played a role in creating such an environment by taking aim at the likes of Stephen Curry, who indicated he would not attend a White House ceremony in honor of the Golden State Warriors’ 2017 NBA title. Trump later chastised Curry on Twitter before rescinding an invitation that technically was never offered.

There has been no indication any Astros players would decline an invitation. Although Astros skipper A.J. Hinch wasn’t too forthcoming when asked about a potential White House invite shortly after the Astros secured a championship.

“We just won the first world championship in Houston Astros history,” Hinch said in November. “We’re also in one of the most divided countries, polarizing countries in politics. I don’t know that this is the best stage for everybody to declare one way or the other and try to comment on the moment and be too much of a political statement.”

Ryan, meanwhile, wasn’t about to allow any looming, potential controversy over the invite spoil the moment.

“The two things you always think about are getting rings and getting an invite to the White House,” Ryan said. “It’s pretty cool.

“It’s an honor that’s steeped in tradition. For a lot of our guys this may be the only time they get invited to the White House in their lives. It’s a big honor.

“We’re going to have a really high turnout and people are going to be excited about it.”