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Bucs’ offensive line uses money for gift exchange to give staffers bonuses

Members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offensive line came up with a novel way to celebrate the holiday season. How? By nixing their annual gift exchange.

While eschewing the giving of gifts as a means to get into the holiday spirit may seem counterintuitive, it’s what the lineman did with the money earmarked for presents that makes it so great.

Instead of spending said money on each other, the Bucs’ O-line pooled the funds in order to give out bonuses to various staffers employed at the team’s facility.

“The equipment guys, the trainers, the kitchen staff — coaches get paid a lot of money — like those who help us out on a regular basis, the people who cook special food for us, or whatever it is, the training staff, they spend tons of time with us,” said Bucs’ guard/center Evan Smith, via ESPN. “Not all those guys make as much money as people think they do.”

It turns out that the generosity amounted to staffers receiving bonuses in the range of $450-$500. The linemen paraded around the team facility with holiday music playing and surprised the staffers with the bonuses.

Smith added the inspiration behind the bonuses stemmed from how the offensive linemen weren’t very good at choosing gifts.

“Guys kept blowing it, so I was like, ‘Alright, this year, I’m not gonna waste my money buying a nice gift for you guys if you’re going to buy something crappy,'” Smith said. “We’ll all just put money in, we’ll all give good money to people who need it more than us.’ … They were all really appreciative.”