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Report: Guerrero drama ‘absolutely’ causing friction between Brady, Belichick

The New England Patriots are dealing with an unwanted distraction during the stretch run of the regular season due to controversy surrounding Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s trainer.

A new report out of Boston now suggests the situation is “absolutely” causing friction between Brady and Bill Belichick. Not only that, the report suggests things could reach “critical mass” this coming offseason.

There has long been talk about Guerrero being an issue for the Patriots. Belichick previously attempted to disqualify the rumors of the supposed rift having caused a strain with Brady as “fake news.” One Belichick confidante warned of a “collision coming” between the Patriots and Guerrero.

It was reported this week that things have indeed come to a head, as Belichick reportedly weeks ago restricted Guerrero’s access to the team. These restrictions include barring Guerrero from team flights and banning him from the team’s sideline. What’s worse, Belichick hasn’t been inclined — not surprisingly — to address the situation. Nor has Brady.

The recent developments have created concern over how things could play out, per a report Wednesday from Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard.

“Those close to the situation think the situation will come to a head — good or bad — in the coming offseason, as Brady begins preparations for his 19th season at the age of 41,” Bedard writes. “If this offseason also coincides with an exit by Josh McDaniels for a head coaching job, then Brady could make the Guerrero situation — if it continues — reach a critical mass.”

And said critical mass may be reached given its negative impact on the relationship between Brady and Belichick.

“The situation has absolutely become a source of friction between Brady and Belichick,” Bedard writes. “But unless Brady forces the issue and demands Guerrero’s reinstatement, no one believes it will affect the team on the field.

“But that hasn’t stopped some behind the scenes at Gillette from referring to Guerrero as ‘Yoko Guerrero,’ in reference to Yoko Ono, the wife of John Lennon who some believe caused the breakup of The Beatles.”

Where it goes from here, obviously, remains to be seen.