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Tom Brady yells ‘How about that?’ to Steelers fan following victory (vid)

Tom Brady had a special message for Pittsburgh Steelers fans at Heinz Field following the New England Patriots’ dramatic 27-24 victory last Sunday.

Footage has surfaced of Brady yelling, “How about that? Let’s go! Let’s go!” into the stands as he made his way to the tunnel.

Brady clearly was pumped over the win, even if it required a controversial interpretation of the catch rule as well as some questionable decisions by the Steelers in the closing moments. But there’s no way Brady would allow anything spoil the enjoyment of a hard-fought victory.

And sure, Brady’s outburst matched the unbridled enthusiasm of Kirk Cousins’ “You like that!?!” post-game exaltation last season, but it lacked a certain amusement factor. It was more like Brady was rubbing Steelers’ fans noses in the devastating loss more than anything else. Not that there’s anything wrong with that given the stakes of the game amid the two teams’ storied rivalry.