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David Ortiz to star in new reality show ‘Big Papi Needs a Job’

David Ortiz will use a reality show to perhaps help him discover what he should do in his “golden years” after his retirement following the 2016 MLB season. Or maybe the show will is just an amusing way to watch the former slugger amuse himself and viewers with some silly shenanigans.

Ortiz earlier this week revealed he’s slated to star in a 10-part reality series titled “Big Papi Needs a Job.” Ortiz reportedly will test out several unorthodox professions, including dog groomer, musician, manicurist, and stadium tour guide.

Ortiz discussed his foray into unscripted reality television with a prepared statement.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve never been known for sitting still — after 20 years on the field, I’m ready for something new,” Ortiz said, via Big League Stew. “I’ve always been about trying new things, and this series is all about that. I’ve been meeting new people and having a lot of fun. I can’t wait for fans to come along for the ride.”​

Ortiz has already demonstrated an ability to excel in front of the camera thanks to his appearance as analyst during FOX Sports’ MLB postseason coverage this past fall. There’s no reason to believe Ortiz won’t prove to be a success in this venture as well.

“Big Papi Needs a Job” will premiere Jan. 31 on Fusion.