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CC Sabathia’s awesome Christmas cards are not cards at all (pics)

CC Sabathia came up with a novel way to improve upon the annual rite of sending out Christmas cards by utilizing a fantastic retro toy from a bygone era.

The New York Yankees pitcher evidently sent out View-Masters to those on his holiday card list, which of course featured the customary “reel” of pics.

Thanks to St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Dexter Fowler, evidence has surfaced of Sabathia’s unconventional Christmas correspondence. Fowler posted images on Snapchat of himself peering through the aforementioned View-Master along with one of the images provided.

Awesome. What a grand idea. Props to Sabathia for changing things up a bit. After all, the standard family photo — and regrettably oftentimes with an long-winded, self-aggrandizing letter — is old school. Then again, so is a View-Master, so there you go. Well done, CC.