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Bill Belichick gets testy with reporter over questions about Tom Brady’s trainer

Bill Belichick clearly was not interested in getting into a back and forth with a reporter over recent news involving Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s controversial personal trainer.

Belichick typically has little patience with questions he deems unnecessary. That was the case again Wednesday morning when a reporter awkwardly asked Belichick about the Guerrero situation, which involves the trainer losing some team access.

The reporter attempted the liken the rift between the organization and Guerrero like Belichick’s adult son hanging out with a person Belichick “didn’t really care for.” Belichick wasn’t having it.

“Are you talking about my children?” Belichick said, as reported by the Boston Herald. “I don’t really think that’s appropriate. I’m trying to coach a football team. . . . What are we talking about here?”

The reporter then attempted to clarify his question, asking if the relationship between Brady and Guerrero “frustrates (Belichick) because it takes the focus off him taking the coaching from you?” Belichick wasn’t about to open up on the topic.

“Again, there’s a lot of pronouns there,” Belichick said. “I don’t really know who’s talking about what. . . . Sorry.”

The media member finally gave up, saying, “No, it’s a bad question.” And it ended there, per the report.

The news involving Belichick reigning in Guerrero surfaced this week. Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe reported the developments as follows:

“For reasons he has declined to explain, Belichick weeks ago stripped Guerrero of his special team privileges, restoring a measure of tradition to the team’s medical and training operation, according to several people familiar with the Patriots’ internal operations. Guerrero is now banned from boarding Patriots jets. His sideline access has been revoked. And he no longer is permitted to treat players other than Brady in his exclusive office at Gillette Stadium.”

There has long been talk about Guerrero being an issue for the Patriots, specifically for Belichick. The coach previously attempted to disqualify the rumors of the supposed rift having caused a strain with Brady as “fake news.” One Belichick confidante warned of a “collision coming” between the Patriots and Guerrero. It appears to have finally happened.