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‘Playoffs? No Baloney!’ shirt created in celebration of Jaguars’ bologna craze (pic)

The Jacksonville Jaguars have found themselves in the midst of a craze due to head coach Doug Marrone’s affinity for bologna. And now, there is a shirt celebrating the bit.

Marrone is said to have a ritual where he eats a bologna and cheese sandwich after every game. The response to his post-game snack of choice inspired the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council to donate 350 pounds of bologna to the Jaguars. The organization in turn donated the massive amount of meat to local food banks in the Jacksonville area.

The Jaguars also began selling sandwiches at home games called the “Marroney Bologna.”

Brothers Fred and Christian Dye have come up with a t-shirt that combines both the bologna craze and the Jaguars clinching a spot in the postseason for the first time since 2007.

“I’m too button-down for an idea like that,” said Fred Dye, who lives in Jacksonville, of brother Christian, who is an illustrator and graphic designer by trade, via ESPN. “If I do it, it’s not fun. He’s fun, goofy. He can take a serious idea and make it super fun.”

Suffice to say, the brothers are a bit surprised over how their modest shirt is sparking so much interest.

“This was not in any way a serious thing,” Fred Dye said. “That’s why I’m shocked to be getting a call from [ESPN].

“I’m completely flabbergasted by this. It was just an idea we threw out there. It was just something fun to do, especially for my brother on a cold Midwest winter night.”

The “Playoffs? No Baloney!” graphic is available on t-shirts as well as hoodies.