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Kristaps Porzingis: Knicks fans should show Carmelo Anthony ‘love’ in return

Carmelo Anthony will make his first return appearance at Madison Square Garden on Saturday when the Oklahoma City Thunder pay a visit to play the New York Knicks.

And despite the persistent lack of success and pervasive aura of dysfunction that plagued Anthony’s tenure in New York, Kristaps Porzingis believes fans should show the former Knick some “love” during his return.

“I think he was as professional as he can be in his time here in New York, so I don’t see why they would not receive him with love,” Porzingis said Thursday, via ESPN.

Anthony’s highly anticipated return notwithstanding, what should concern Knicks fans more than anything else is how Porzingis was forced to leave Thursday’s 111-104 victory over the Brooklyn Nets due to a left knee injury.

It would seem Porzingis took himself out of the game simply as a precaution.

“I’m walking around. It shouldn’t be anything like that,” Porzingis said of the injury, via the New York Post. “It should be much more clearer tomorrow. But I should have some bad pain but I’m not. I’m standing and doing everything so it’s just them being cautious and tomorrow when we find out, I’ll let you know.”

Porzingis injury drama aside, it should make for an interesting scene at MSG when Anthony steps onto the court. The ultimate, yet drawn-out, ending of the Carmelo Era in New York was unfortunate, as Anthony has alluded to himself. And yet, all blame for the Knicks’ struggles during his time with the team cannot be solely laid at Anthony’s feet.

Perhaps Porzingis is right. Maybe Knicks fans should show Anthony some love. After all, he suffered through all the turmoil and frustration right along with them.