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Eagles teammate says Carson Wentz was ‘loopy’ during post-surgery call

Carson Wentz on Wednesday underwent ACL surgery and all indications are that the procedure went “very well.”

That doesn’t mean, though, that the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback wasn’t dealing with some of the expected after-effects of undergoing surgery.

One of Wentz’s Eagles teammates reported that he was a bit out of sorts during a post-surgery phone call. Actually, quarterback Nate Sudfield used “pretty loopy” to describe Wentz’s condition.

Sudfield relayed that Wentz’s spirits were “really good” during the FaceTime call and was interested in hearing about a new play the coaching staff emailed him.

“It’s obviously disappointing, but the surgery went well, from what I heard and what he said,” Sudfield said, via “He was feeling pretty loopy after the anesthesia … He was just ordering a burger and talking about, he was trying to figure out some of the new plays we put in.”

Perhaps the most important thing that should be gleaned from Sudfield’s accounting of Wentz’s call is how the injured quarterback clearly hopes to remain fully engaged with the team despite his inability to contribute on the field.

That said, and by no means attempting to diminish the seriousness of the procedure, is the fact Wentz was “pretty loopy” on the call. In light of how the surgery is said to have gone well, the notion that Wentz attempted to fight through a post-surgical haze to stay up on the goings-on with the team is a fantastic anecdote illustrating his unwavering commitment to the team.