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Anthony Barr hate mail from Packers fan: ‘Hope you get your neck snapped’ (pic)

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr is considered Public Enemy No. 1 by Green Bay Packers fans over a play in a Week 6 game that resulted in Aaron Rodgers suffering a broken collarbone, knocking him out for a substantial part of the season.

Barr was not flagged for the hit, nor was he fined. He nevertheless was forced to defend his actions on the play on several occasions. That appeared to only rile up Packers fans even further. And now, Barr has revealed the substance of a disturbing piece of hate mail he recently received from a Packers fan.

Barr posted an Instagram story showcasing said letter, where all kinds of bad things are wished upon him, specifically a potential career- and life-threatening injury during the Packers-Vikings game on Dec. 23.

Needless to say, most fans obviously do not take things this far and in no way are this unhinged individual’s rantings representative of the feelings of all Packers fans, even though most of them obviously do not hold Barr in high regard.

It goes without saying, however, that this piece of hate mail takes things to a wholly unnecessary level.