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LISTEN: Steve Kerr caught taking a bath during radio interview

The life of an NBA head coach is a busy one, and sometimes multi-tasking is the only way to get everything done in a day. That apparently was the case for Steve Kerr on Wednesday, as the Golden State Warriors head coach was caught taking a bath while taking part in a radio interview.

Kerr was making an appearance on the Bay Area’s 95.7 The Game when host Damon Bruce called the coach out after hearing some splashing.

“Coach, are you taking a bath?!” Bruce asked.

“Could you hear a little water in the background?” Kerr laughed.

“Yeah. Are you drawing circles in the water while I talk to you in a bathtub?” Bruce said.

“I’m gonna to refrain from commenting,” Kerr replied. “We’re just going to continue with the interview.”

Despite Kerr’s best efforts to get the conversation headed back into non-bathing topics, Bruce wouldn’t leave it alone, asking the coach if he had a rubber ducky. This prompted Kerr to say, “What else do you want to know about the Warriors, Damon?”

Kerr said the decision to take a bath at the same time as a radio interview was about “just trying to take care of my body, that’s all.” Fair enough.

Listen below. The bath discussion starts off at about the 3:50 mark.

Good stuff. And just a tiny bit awkward as well.