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LeBron James skips media before Lakers game to avoid ‘dealing with the silliness’

LeBron James on Thursday morning skipped his customary meeting with reporters ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers to avoid “dealing with the silliness,” says a team spokesperson.

The nature of said perceived silliness is likely in large part due to the belief that James could conceivably view joining the Lakers as a viable option should he leave Cleveland following the 2017-18 NBA season.

Multiple league insiders have mused that with James’ many business interests in Hollywood — not to mention the fact he owns multiple homes in L.A. — that southern California could prove to be an attractive destination.

James also recently came out to strongly defend Lonzo Ball, saying the “kid hasn’t said anything” to warrant the hostility he’s endured in his rookie season. This came after James wished Ball a happy birthday on Twitter earlier this season.

Whatever the case, James wasn’t about to be burdened with such chatter from the media about a rumored potential interest in the Lakers, at least on Thursday morning.

“Draw your own conclusions,” said a Cavs spokesperson, via “He just didn’t feel like dealing with the silliness.”